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Diablo Cody is Less Quirky in Person


El Diablo: Also, that’s kind of a sweet tattoo. [T Magazine]

Decked: A gentleman should be handy with a deck of cards. Fortunately, Lifehacker’s here to lend a hand. [Lifehacker]

Measuring Up: Thinking like a tailor on the length of your jacket. For the record, we’re more on the Browne side of the scale these days. [Men’s Flair]

You Say You Want a Revolution: Taking a look at Revolutionary Road in light of the Winslet-Mendes split. Also, there’s a little Natalie Wood vs. Warren Beatty in there. Good stuff. [This Recording]

Little Gold Men and Aliens in Your Drawers


Leading Man: Sure, Daniel Day-Plainview may have drunk George Clooney's milkshake last night, but with his shawl-collar tux and styled arm candy, Dr. Ross walked away with our award. [Observer]

Fit to Be Tied: Speaking of the Oscars, a few attendees, including Scientology's unofficial co-pilot Ms. John Travolta, can't manage a bow on their own. For shame. [Manolo for Men]

Sparkle, Sparkle: Dear Diablo Cody, remember that those snarky, insipid style critics have a job to do and tearing you apart is just part of it. It's nothing personal. As far as we're concerned, you'll always be the second or third hottest former stripper to win for best script. [Beauty Fashion Life]

Hand Me Down: Adrian Grenier says vintage style is good for Mother Earth. Damned hippie. [Hoopla]

Watch out for Klingons: Ted Baker goes zoom! zap! bleep! bleep! in your underwear. [Retro to Go]

The White Pages: Social injustice, the class system and America's yawning racial divide arrived bundled with P.C. Richards circulars this Sunday. [PSFK]