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Dusting Off: Keeping a Spare Shirt in Your Desk at the Office

White Shirt

The following is taken from the current interior monologue of a Kempt contributor:

“Jesus Christ, it’s humid out there. I’ve sweat through my shirt. I look like one of those basketball coaches on the sidelines when he takes off his jacket. Jesus Christ. Why don’t I keep a spare shirt at the office? Smart guys did that back in the day. Don Draper. William Hurt in Broadcast News. Why don’t I do that? Jesus H. Fucking Christ.”

After the jump, an artist’s rendering of our contributor’s current state:»

The State of Ships in Bottles

  • Najib Benouar

Ships in Bottles

This short film on "the smallest dry dock in the world” from the Aussies at Smith Journal had us thinking about ships in bottles for the first time in ages...

They’re one of those stately curios that never really disappeared—you’ll still see them around every so often—but that’s because they were never really a big thing to begin with. They’re the sort of worldly artifact that turns a desk in the corner of a room into a “bureau” or a home office into “the study.” So we thought we’d check in on the ship-in-a-bottle market. As it turns out, it’s not a hotbed of activity like when we checked in on sleds, but there are still a few hobby shops turning out ships in bottles, and some good vintage ones. So we rounded up a few of your better ready-made options. (Sadly, those of you interested in rigging your own will have to be a little more enterprising—unless you’re content with a kit intended for a 6-year-old.)

Sailing the high seas of the bottled ship market.»