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The Five Most #Normcore Norms of All Time

  • Kempt Staff


Just when you thought the passing Internet-fashion sensation #normcore had been left for dead six weeks ago, the New York Times goes and kicks some life back into it.

And after reading yesterday’s trend piece/preemptive eulogy, we couldn’t help but think about how the good name of normal, hardworking Normans everywhere was being dragged through the mud all over again. So we’d like to take a moment to salute the most #normcore of them all:

The five most #normcore Normans of all time...»

A Menswear Card Game, Joltin’ Joe’s Watch and NCAA Coaches’ Style

  • Kempt Staff

Card Game

Menswear: The Gathering: Selectism discovers a mysterious new card game that pits menswear designers against one another.

A Home-Run Investment: A watch once owned by baseball great Joe DiMaggio is headed for the auction block.

Party Chair: A handy infographic on how to pick your seat at a dinner party where you don’t know anyone.

Can’t Coach Style: Grantland ponders the sideline style of this year’s March Madness coaches, including a few of the same skippers we named in our bracket.

And the Award Goes To...

  • Najib Benouar

GQ Awards

Just when you thought awards season was over...

GQ has just announced this year’s crop of Best New Menswear Designers—a coveted honor they’ve been bestowing upon the young Billy Reids and Thom Brownes of the menswear world for the past decade now—and this year’s four winners run the gamut from laid-back surfer chic (Aviator Nation) to tailored gear with Savile Row lineage (Bespoken) to Jay-Z’s favorite chino maker (Baldwin) and menswear’s newest favorite bag maker (Ernest Alexander).

If you recall, last year GQ upped the stakes by having each winner design a small capsule collection sold exclusively at Gap across the nation. You’ll have to wait until fall to get your hands on this year’s batch of well-priced handsomeness, so to tide you over, take a look at our favorites from the inaugural collaborations.

Alexandre Mattiussi, Reagan-Era #Menswear and the Many Rituals of Coffee

  • Kempt Staff

80s Fashion

Beard Songs: The blokes over at GQ across the pond sit down with your new favo(u)rite French designer: Alexandre Mattiussi.

Reaganistos: Details finds some #menswear inspiration by looking back to the 1980s.

So Out: Good or bad news, depending on whether you enjoyed braving the throngs of rabid shoppers on Fashion’s Night Out: it’s officially been canceled by the powers that be. (Anna Wintour.)

Getting Coffee: Gear Patrol interviews 15 gentlemen of note—from bloggers to Buster Bluth—on their coffee rituals.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Eames

  • Najib Benouar

Tomorrow marks what would’ve been Ray Eames’s 100th birthday. We’re speaking, of course, about the little lady at the helm of this motorcycle—not to be confused with her husband, and Kempt Icon, Charles. That means she was also at the helm of the most influential husband-and-wife duo in 20th-century American design. The Eames oeuvre has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance over the past few years—by now, Tumblr has probably conditioned you to recognize their molded wood lounger or fiberglass shell chairs on sight. But there was plenty more innovation (and quirkiness) coming out of the Eames design studio: educational math videos, textiles and art.

To celebrate, we’ve put together some of our favorite snaps of the married coconspirators in their iconic Eames House.»

Oh, Yoko

  • Najib Benouar

Breaking news: starting today, you can buy clothes that Yoko Ono designed for John Lennon in 1969, at your local Opening Ceremony (and it all just landed online too).

That’s right, Yoko Ono and Opening Ceremony have collaborated on an 18-piece men’s collection that features stuff like “a jersey pullover with eyelets cut out over the nipple region” accompanied by a “lightbulb bra” (yes, this is all “menswear”). It’s a match made in high-fashion heaven—of some alternate universe where Zoolander’s Mugatu runs a sex dungeon/bed-in and breakfast that only plays songs credited to John Ono Lennon on loop. We’re not even sure if the Rick Owens crowd can get on board with this stuff, but if there’s anyone who can pull off the oddball conceptual art gambit, it’s Yoko.

The Opening Ceremony Band breakup watch begins now. A few of Yoko’s sketches for the collection (which will also be made into a book) after the jump.»

The Gloriously Unwearable Side of Fashion Week

Thumbing through snapshots of Fashion Week, you might get the idea that it was nothing but good ideas and great clothing, just aching to leap off the runway—but it’s not so.

For every mouthwatering-but-wearable suit, there are two more that you’d never dream of putting on your shoulders, that made it to the runway only out of artistic bombast and the enduring provocateur spirit.

It’s not a bad thing (it certainly makes things more interesting for writers), but we thought we’d take a moment to look past the gushing prose and see how five of the most outlandish outfits look in the harsh light of commerce. We’ve even picked out the rare situation when you could wear them, if you’re feeling brave and wealthy...

We dissect five of Fashion Week’s finest looks»