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Playing with My Wind Machine, No Big Deal

Wind Machinevia YHBTI

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In the Shade


The summer hat is a pretty rare bird, but not because it isn’t useful. We always prefer a light derby to sunscreen, especially if there’s gingham involved.

Comme Des Garcon’s try at the summer hat is the best we’ve seen so far. And if you’ve got any picnics coming up in the next few months, we’d definitely consider it.

You might even match the tablecloth.

The Rythm Method


These bicolor derbies come from the Japanese sneaker company Rythm Footwear (good luck with the website, unless you read katakana), and they’re may be the most traditional thing they do. This isn’t usually what formal/streetwear fusions look like, but then again, they’re usually atrocious. We may be on to something here…

(Thanks to High Snobriety for the dig.)