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Sienna Miller Hates the Seeds

Keef Lives: Keith Richards reflects on a lifetime of hazy memories. Master class stuff. [NYTimes]

Reflections on an Airport: Alain de Botton reflects on his week working in Heathrow’s Terminal 5. He seems to have enjoyed it. [Herman Miller]

Together at Last: Pendleton x Levi’s is looking pretty handsome. [Hypebeast]

Stone-Throwing is Prohibited: Tom Fruin has built a stained-glass house on the steps of the Royal Danish Library. [DesignBoom]

The Wild North


We’ll just come out and say it: The world needs more Viking movies.

They were one of the most brutal, pitiless civilizations in human history, with profound statements on war, civilization and unaccomodated humanity built right into any story you might tell. There’s already a great short story, but for some reason every time a filmmaker tries to take it on they end up with something like this. But the Danes may be about to set things straight.

The picture above is from Valhalla Rising, a Norse flick from Nicolas Refn that’s gradually making its way to American shores. The gentleman in the picture is Mads Mikkelsen—also known as the bad guy from Casino Royale—who plays a mute, one-eyed gladiator-slave (take a second on that one) making an Aguirre-esque journey to Jerusalem with a group of Christian missionaries. By all accounts, it’s completely insane, and only the beginning of the Viking revival. Let’s just try to make it better than the pirate resurgence of the early 00s.

Sepia Toned


As part of our slow, creeping transition to the sunny part of the year, it’s nice to have a pair of sunglasses handy—especially if they paint the world in more summery colors. These Wolfgang shades from Danish framery Han caught our eye for the graded shading, but also the pleasant yellow haze they put over just about everything. If you ever wanted to live in an Eagles song, this is a pretty good first step.

The Forest Primeval


It’s easy to forget how simple art can be. Really, we just want to see something pleasant. And the foggier the better.

So when a Danish photographer offers us a walk through the woods (via NotCot), we’re always willing to take it. Think of it as a bit of artistic tourism, courtesy of Kim Høltermand. If you happen to be stuck in urban surroundings—and we’re betting you are—it’s good to remember what the rest of the world looks like.

Take a walk»

On Gaard


The award for most interesting market niche so far goes to Kibsgaard, a Danish company that specializes in the inch-long metal logos affixed to the bottom of most TVs…or at least most TVs made in the 90s. It’s not an aesthetic you see a lot in the age of the iPhone, but it’s nice to know where it comes from.