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Denim Jackets, Picking Pockets and Bankable Kickstarter Movies

  • Kempt Staff

Denim Jacket

Jacket-ology: GQ seems to agree with us about the denim jacket being a spring must-have: here’s a roundup.

Pickup Artist: For any aspiring pickpockets, Cool Material has assembled the seven seminal instructional videos on the subject.

Your Producer Credit Awaits: Daily Details rounds up the five films worth backing on Kickstarter.

Fresh Direct: Sample the finest restaurants around the country without having to leave your home—thanks to this list from First We Feast and the magic of mail-order food.

The Perfect Summer Color Scheme

In the editorial world, we like to talk about trends, but some things just work. They’ve worked for decades and they’ll work for decades to come, long after the double monks of the world have come and gone. Our favorite example: the divine convergence between navy blue and khaki, the two poles of gentlemanly spring style.

The eternal appeal of navy and khaki, and how to make it work»

A Spring-Ready Denim Jacket

Continuing on our springtime white denim kick, we thought we’d pass along this undyed denim jacket from H.W. Carter & Sons.

The designer is Greg Chapman, the same outerwear savant behind Schott’s Perfecto Brand, so he knows his way around a jacket. But unlike the biker jackets of yore, this is all 19th-century military flourish. (Check out the brass buttons and regimental pockets, for example.) And just like those white jeans, it’s Cone denim that will build up an interesting wear even without the help of indigo.

Just don’t wear them both at once.

Jeísa Chiminazzo Cannot Believe Her Neighbor Is Leaving the House Like That

Off the Cuff: A history of men’s wrist wear, from the Stone Age to the Beaded Age. [NYMag]

The Middle Layer: An ode to the denim jacket as a layering piece, quite possibly the most popular move of this year’s Fashion Week. [Valet]

Train Station Style: Pleased to meet Frank Leder, purveyor of understated retro style. [Archival Clothing]

Ties, Ties, Ties: Monitaly’s summer ties have arrived on the Web, as handsome as expected. [Selectism]

The Single Most Important Detail On Your Summer Jacket

Acne Jacket

This gentleman from the latest Acne show reminded us of a certain oft-overlooked detail.

It’s a simple thing, holding true for denim jackets and Harringtons alike. And it’s the source of the ineffable sharpness radiating from the pic…but naturally, you’re going to have to click through to find out what it is.

The one thing to look for the next time you pick up a jacket»

Rosie is Sitting in a Bucket

The Leopard Print Doesn’t Look Half Bad Either: Nitsuh Abebe weighs in on Kanye’s latest opus. He is silent on the mullet issue. [Vulture]

Not Messing Around: This denim jacket will kick your ass. Be warned. [Selectism]

You (Jimmy Fallon), You Got What I Need (Obscure Musical Revivals): Jeff Goldblum and Biz Markie turn in a surprisingly credible version of “Just a Friend.” [TV.Gawker]

A Whole New Cookie: This oreo-dipping device will change your life forever. [Gizmodo]

The Other Denim


The denim jacket can be a tough sell—assuming you’re not in the cattle business—but it’s just about perfect for warding off early Fall briskness.

The main thing you’ll need is some rural cred, which is why this gentleman model grew out a few days of stubble before he attempted it. The big belt buckle helps too, although if you go much further you’ll be in costume territory. It also takes wear as well as anything else in your closet, provided you get one that doesn’t scream 2006 too loudly.

This Levi’s Vintage Jacket walks the line just about perfectly, combining 20s-era button detailing with some well-placed wear on the shoulders. And if you feel the urge to button it up…it might be time to switch to a thicker coat.

Hiroshi Buys a Yacht


Hiroshi Awai’s Creep label was last seen with heavy flannels, work boots and toggle coats, but it looks like he’s getting back into the yachting scene.

His S/S 2010 collection has a few nautical sweaters for the rugged at heard, but mostly its liberty print shorts, deck-ready button-ups and some of the better cut three-button suits we’ve seen in a while. The most interesting item might be this high-cropped denim jacket, which uses a bit of tailoring know-how to give even the most rugged item in the American wardrobe a touch of twee. Just don’t take it on deck.

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