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Bowling Alleys are More Exciting than we had Previously Thought

That “Vote or Die” Stuff Still Applies: Your guide to finding a polling place and rocking your particular section of the vote. Duty calls. [Lifehacker]

Heavy Thrifting: Jesse Thorn runs down the best suit and sport coat brands for eBay hunting. Our only head-scratcher: Apparently Paul Stuart beats out Brooks Brothers? [Put This On]

The (Belated) Fear: This one’s late, but still fascinating. Behold, Martin Scorcese’s 11 favorite horror movies. [The Daily Beast]

Keep Calm and Carry On: A new photoblog takes pictures of whatever's in the subject's pockets. In general, it feels like people are carrying too much. [The Bengal Stripe]

Plastic Women, The Widening Gap and Super Duper Extra Special Tuesday


Come On Down, Sweet Virginia: Abercrombie just can't keep it's bare ass out of trouble [Gawker]

Fall In To It: The new Gap line is… wait… hey, that's not bad at all. [Men.Style]

I Love The 80's: Headbands and Michael J. Fox reconsidered. [SFGate]

Game Breaker: Gisele brings her perfection-busting bod to Rag & Bone. [NYObserver]

Big Apple Circus: If there are Siamese suits and stiltwalkers, you know Thom Browne's in the house. [The Moment]

Sex Doll Silenced: Some people just can't leave bad enough alone. [Top News India]

Civics Lessons: Vote or Die, Kids. Vote or Die. [Jezebel]