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Debbie Harry is the Woman of the 80s


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Around the Horn: Ornette Coleman’s What I Have Learned might be the best one we’ve ever read. On the sex/love divide: “Well, you're not always sure you're in love. But when you're having sex, there's really no mistaking it.” [Esquire]

One Way or Another


Hey, Blondie: The JC Report sings the praises of Ms. Debbie Harry. [JC Report]

I Wish I Could Quit You: Michael Arrington has had enough of the iPhone. Expect some blowback from this one. [TechCrunch]

Bat Boy Lives: The Weekly World News archives go online. [Gawker]

No Bark: Creature featurer Guillermo del Toro on the enduring appeal of the vampire. Apparently Lord Byron has a lot to answer for. [NYTimes]

Spirit of ‘77


The punk years were pretty rough, both economically and sartorially speaking, but there’s no doubting Debbie Harry was one of the highlights.

Add in a few older gents settling into wine-soaked adulthood—we’re looking at you, Bowie and Keef—and it’s a photoset we’re more willing to take a glance at. The photos are all courtesy of godfather of rock photography Bob Gruen (hat tip to Phazerblast), and there’s plenty to like.

Don’t be surprised if the jeans look familiar.

See more of the scene»

Rock ‘n’ Roll Music


With the “rock look” flying around so much these days—we’re looking at you, John—it’s easy to forget the people who crafted that look in the first place: the musicians, but more importantly the photographers.

Scandinavian photographer Eric Broms’ is one of the more recent arrivals to the scene, but his work is a pretty good example of it. His subjects range from icons like Madonna and Debbie Harry to the more primal flair of Mr. James Osterberg (also known as Iggy Pop.)

For a chance to see the pics in person, try his photography exhibit uptown »