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Amber Anderson is Uncombed

The Internet is On Fire: As you may have heard, some pretty scary internet privacy stuff is happening right now, specifically surround a program called Firesheep. Here’s how to keep yourself protected. [Boing Boing]

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Sharpee Art: David Shrigley is the coolest person ever. [World’s Best Ever]

Loom Porn: Another day, another throwback denim line. 14 ounces of glory, people. [The Bengal Stripe]

Scribbler in Residence


David Shrigley has amassed a fairly sizable following thanks to his net-friendly pics—a few good examples are here, here and here—so it’s hardly surprising he’d get picked up for a graphic tee or two. The surprise is the company he’s signed on for it: one Pringle of Scotland, the knitwear mark of choice for most Anglophiles. Shrigley’s even cooking up a print ad for Pringle, which might be turn out to be the most mainstream exposure he’s ever gotten—aside from the odd indie folk video.

Of course, since Shrigley’s niche lands somewhere between street art, web-comics and art brut, we’re guessing he didn’t mind adding t-shirts and billboards to the list.