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Leighton Meester is Conducting Puppy-Related Experiments

The Man Behind the Network: David Fincher keeps a rifle on his desk and doesn’t suffer fools. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Ghost of Barbours Past: A trip down a memory lane made of waxed cotton. [Archival Clothing]

They Forgot Whiskey and Fireworks: Cavalier’s “Essentials” include aftershave, pliers and a knife. [SlamxHype]

This is Your Intervention: How to know when you’re checking in with your smartphone much too much. Step one is admitting you have a problem. [99 Percent]

Enjoying Megan Fox Without the Mannered Dialogue


Frivolous Kitchen Shot of the Year: We boldly defy the internet’s Megan Fox boycott. [Just Jared]

Building Bridges: Finally, this silly war between Adidas and Puma comes to a close. Hopefully someone gets a Nobel Peace Prize out of this. [Neatorama]

Dropping Math: A gentleman scientist's guide to stocking the bar. [Lifehacker]

Just Watch It: Nike enlists David Fincher for one of the most amazing 90 seconds of video we’ve ever seen. Can we nominate Guillermo del Toro for the next UnderArmor spot? [Thompson on Hollywood]