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A Night on the Town

Fashion’s Night Out is upon us, and in a mere eight hours, some of menswear’s best brands are going to unleash all manner of silliness upon us.

We’ll have a more detailed report tomorrow morning (hangover permitting), but we wanted to single out two noteworthy events. First, Warby Parker is continuing their Buddy Holly homage with a tribute show from Justin Townes Earle. Second, David Coggins is participating in something called “Whisker Wars” with Sloane Crosley and, somewhat confusingly, Whoopi Goldberg.

Naturally, we’re a bit curious.

Evidently there’s been a fierce debate raging over the relative merits of a beard, and the interest of heading off fisticuffs, Bergdorf Goodman has elected to settle the matter in a public forum at the mens’ shop, starting at 7:30.

The above picture is an artist’s rendering of what it will look like, if you squint and imagine Mr. Coggins as the Oscar-winning star of Hook.

The Next Side

The Hill-Side

The Hill-Side’s latest lookbook arrived this afternoon, sketching out their plans for Fall and Winter, and it’s handsome stuff.

The lookbook shows off the same rugged scarves and ties you’d expect with a few new accents for fall. This time around, they’ve also recruited house favorites like David Coggins and Schott Perfecto’s Greg Chapman to model the goods. We’re especially taken by this chap’s floral tie, especially when worn under a faded denim jacket, but there’s plenty more to like after the jump.

A tour of Hill-Side’s latest goods»

Julia Ege is Couch-Shopping in the 70s

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