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The 10 Most Stylish Soccer Players of All Time

  • Najib Benouar

061114_Soccer-6Sure, there’s been a recent rise in the stylishness of homegrown athletes in basketball, football and even hockey, but every four years we’re reminded of the original stylish athlete: the soccer player.

Because it’s impossible not to pick up a few style cues while globetrotting between international clubs, hobnobbing with rock stars and carousing with models. Not to mention, it’s a lot easier to look good in a suit when you’re not an outsized linebacker or spindly power forward. In other words, it’s made for some pretty dapper gents over the years.

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Kempt Man of the Hour: David Beckham

  • Najib Benouar

With the gaze of the fashion set firmly locked on Cannes this week, everyone missed the blaze of dapperness happening just a yacht-ride away in Athens. The Brits sent over aging firebrand David Beckham to light the Olympic torch for London 2012 and bring it home for the ceremonial torch relay across the hosting country. If there’s one thing we’ve always known about the guy: he cleans up well. But this goes beyond that, with the navy kit, contrast spread collar, pocket square and tie clip—a smart move when dealing with an open flame. It came together so well, he was mistakenly introduced as “Sir” more than once.

We would have also accepted the tucked tie in this situation.

Man of the Hour: David Beckham

We usually reserve the MOTH honor for more formal outfits than what Mr. Beckham’s wearing here, but in honor of the current wave of soccer madness, we couldn’t resist a dip in more casual waters.

And it just so happens that Beckham’s sporting one of the better mixes of high and low style we’ve seen in quite some time. The jumper-and-jeans getup is practically a uniform for most European stadium games, but look closer and you’ll see a spread-collar dress shirt and (wonder of wonders) an actual tie under there. He even rolled up his sleeves to let the wide cuffs show. Granted, his taste in formalwear tends a little towards the banker-y, but if the world’s chavs start taking notes on this outfit, we could be in for a very interesting few months.

Kempt Man of the Hour: David Beckham

  • Jared Paul Stern


Here we have the latest convert to the cult of Tom Ford, - the fellow affectionately known the world over as “Becks”. Mr. Beckham obviously did some research into what the well-dressed MOTH is wearing, and wisely opted to adorn himself likewise. At a fragrance launch the other day he sported a three-piece, single-breasted, peak lapel sand and ochre stripe, silk and wool homespun check “Buckingham” model suit with a ticket pocket, white shirt, brown silk tie and brown calfskin wingtips all from Mr. Ford's atelier.

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