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Style Icons on Dates

  • Najib Benouar

Steve McQueen

Valentine’s Day isn’t till tomorrow, but you can already feel it in the air: the unmistakable tingling of a bone-chilling winter frost.

But also: romance.

And since you’re more than likely on the hook for dinner, or at least a starry-eyed stroll, we thought you could use some inspiration for tomorrow’s festivities—with some style cues from history’s most fashionable gents on dates. Just don’t forget the flowers (or in the case of Mick Jagger: cotton candy).

Without further ado: 10 ridiculously good-looking dates and the style icons who love them.»

A Gentleman’s Guide to Dancing in a Nightclub

Advice from resident dance expert and certified lady-person Michelle Ong:

As a lady with a deep, undying love for (disco) balls, there’s a reason why I only go to nightclubs with girls and gays: a lot of straight guys have trouble with dancing. A lot of you treat it like an advanced mating ritual you have to decode, or else you look downright pitiful, blinking nervously while shuffling around in a circle. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Here is the essential 10-step, foolproof, lady-approved guide to dancing in a nightclub.»

Sandrah Hellberg Has Been Stroking Her Hair for Hours

Sandrah Hellenbergvia WBE

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Vanessa Hudgens Cannot Afford Sheets

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Karolina Kurkova Is Unconvincing in Drag

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Jessica Miller is a Forest Spirit

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Wednesday's Women: Tomboys, Fillies and Crazies


Blessed Virgin: Just to clean your palette, here's Adriana Lima - maidenhead possibly not included. [Gawker]

"Pull your skirt down, Secretariat, we'd rather ride Chris Noth." Maxim shouts what we've been too polite to say. [NY Daily News]

This is How We Do It: Menswear may change, but men don't - or at least not so much. [London Times]

That's "Sir Jasper" To You: Brit designer Jasper Conran gets his O.B.E. from H.R.H. [Times of London]

For The Boys: The Observer details this new "urbane tomboys" trend. Funny, we've been dating them since the mid-90s. [Observer]

Crazy Eyes: Meanwhile, Details accounts for the rest of the notches on our bedpost. We still have nightmares. [Details]

Cleveland Rocks: Wrath Arcane represents Mistake by the Lake. [Plain Dealer]