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Under the Sheets


Morning Bell: That’s Daria Werebowy, Kate Moss and Lara Stone, in case you didn’t recognize them from their eyebrows. What they’re doing under there is anyone’s guess. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

The Secondhand Shoe: Jesse Thorn breaks down the economics of eBay shoes. In a word: awesome. [Put This On]

On the Roof: We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Ruben Toledo has a very, very handsome house. [The Moment]

Higher Education: Dispirited by the American educational system, Bootsy Collins has taken reform into his own hands, starting the soon-to-be-legendary University of Funk. Remember this day. [Boing Boing]

Daria Werbowy is on a Militarist Kick


The Steel Helmet: We see a U.S.O. show in her future. [Fashion Copious]

Maybe Next Year: Glenn O’Brien didn’t make it onto this year’s Vanity Fair best-dressed list, and he’s taking it pretty hard. But in a winking, hilarious way. [GQ]

The Smirk is Not Optional: An illustrated guide to the modern preppy, circa 1979. [Ivy Style]

Little Nemo in Slumberland: A sobering discussion of today’s media climate with the editor-in-chief of High Times. Willy Wonka is mentioned. [Big Think]