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It turns out we were a little overzealous welcoming Ryan McGinley to the Varvatos fold. McGinley’s still onboard for the Get Chucked campaign, but Varvatos favorite Danny Clinch isn’t going anywhere.

If we missed Clinch in the Varvatos tent, it’s probably because he was busy shooting these spots with Cheap Trick for the John Varvatos Collection, which hit newsstands in a few weeks. And if we may say so, the loose cap/tux combination has never looked so dashing.

Sorry, Danny and John. We want you to want us.

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Ryan McGinley

Sex, drugs, rock & roll—they aren’t exactly hallmarks of mature sophistication, or at least not yet. But there's no act so wild it can't be cleaned up by a few well-placed changes. Case in point, Rock Ambassador/Designer John Varvatos' Spring '08 *Converse by John Varvatos* ad campaign.

It seems that Danny Clinch, the man who managed to make even Alice Cooper look dapper, has handed over the lens to hipstographer Ryan McGinley in the *Get Chucked* campaign. We’d gladly spend the day browsing McGinley’s portfolio of gloriously happy nudes engaging in normal daily activities (yes, even communal bathing), so we’re excited about the direction he’ll take the ads, especially since they’ll actually revolve around clothing.

Everyone loves a challenge.