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Walking the Cow


Chalk it up to the long tail if you want, but niche tastes are starting to get their due on the iPhone. It started with ambient museum pieces…but now developers have worked their way around to something a little more fun.

Outsider troubadour Daniel Johnston just released his first iPhone app, a Mario-style platform-jumping game featuring characters from his artwork, music from his recordings and the same sense of addled optimism that pervades just about everything he does. The froglike main character should look familiar from a mural or a t-shirt or two, but this is the first time we’ve actually seen him jump.

If you're looking for it in the iTunes shop, the game is titled “Hi, How Are You,” after the mural's inscription. (We’re guessing “Jeremiah the Innocent” wasn’t catchy enough.)

See the trailer»

The Devil and Daniel Johnston


Outsider artists come in all flavors, but we prefer ours lovable, childlike, and doomed. So Daniel Johnston is a natural choice.

His medium of choice is permanent marker and his inspiration comes from a lifelong struggle with schizophrenia and violent psychosis. On top of which, he’s one of the better songwriters to emerge from the past 25 years. But let’s tackle one career at a time…

More info and a few pictures from Johnston’s latest monograph»