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Heirloom Week: Cold Hard Steel Edition

  • Kempt Staff


Typically, one thinks of an heirloom only after it’s weathered a few generations of patina-gathering. But before it got handed down to your father and his father and his father’s father, it started out shiny and new on some store shelf. And since there are still a few companies out there making stuff that looks timeless and will last longer than you, we’ve set out to find the new breed of future heirlooms in this weeklong series. Today we’re finding you weapons handsome enough to mount on your wall...

Herewith, the new sabers, shotguns and more to buy today, that will be heirlooms tomorrow...»

Handle With Care


Pouring wine has long been considered an art form, requiring the proper balance, technique, dexterity, and, perhaps most importantly, an elegant appearance to be suitably performed.

And if it’s shaped like the roots of a tree, even better.

Of course, pouring wine from the glorified decanter is a challenge in itself, but as the carafe drains, you’ll get a separate artistic kick from seeing which strands drain early and which stay full until the end. Of course, the weight will be unbalanced, but the carafe will just tilt over onto one of the other finger-like bases.

Made of borosilicate glass, only twelve decanters will be produced, with eight numbered and signed and four artist proofs. Our only suggestion: make sure you have enough room behind you when serving.