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The Wisdom of Take Ivy, Congolese Dandies and the Return of the Pleated Pant

  • Kempt Staff

Congolese Dandies

Talk Ivy: Ivy Style sits down with Toshiyuki Kurosu, one of the creators of the legendary menswear book Take Ivy.

Congo Line: Discovering the lesser-known subculture of Congolese dandies, better known as Les Sapeurs.

Yes, Pleats: Esquire talks to Unis designer Eunice Lee about the return of pleated pants.

Fabulous ’40s: Financial Times pens an ode to 1940s menswear in their latest editorial.

Lapo Gets Stoned

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Sharon Stoned, we mean—as far as we know foppish Fiat heir Lapo Elkann has steered clear of the hard stuff since that unfortunate incident with the transvestite hooker in Turin.

In fact, our boy Lapo is now such a testament to recovery he was hobnobbing with the actress at an event honoring his appointment as ambassador to some kind of newfangled medical center.

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Abstract Dunks, Nazi Kicks and The Dukes of Broadway


Duty Free: Paul Smith takes off at Heathrow, unlike some. [Vogue UK]

Rabbit, Run: Furry chic makes its unsettling debut at Tokyo Fashion Week. [Boing Boing]

"Composition with Yellow, Blue, and Red": Nike goes all Neo-plasticist on us with the Piet Mondrian Dunk Lows. []

Goose Steps: The Cut hashes out this whole Adidas-Puma-Third-Reich thing. [NYMag]

Repeat Performance: Daniel Craig, star of *Lara Croft: Tomb Raider* and some other stuff, wins GQ's best-dressed award for the second year straight. [Vogue UK]

Signing Out: Portfolio's fashion blogger Lauren Goldstein Crowe waves a "Peace the Fork Out" to the rest of the linkable world. [Portfolio]

Pig-malion: The classiest classy guy in the world of high class wants to play Henry Higgins to Ashley "The Governator" Dupré's Eliza Doolittle, though we suspect she's already had her elocution lessons if you know what we mean. No? Us either. [NY Daily News]

Big Top: David Coleman snuggles up to our favorite dandy fabulist and his long, thick hat. [NYTimes]

Stalking Denim, Nasty Stockings and a Tiger Never Changes its Stripes


Stimulating Ideas: Claudia Schiffer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt reenact Buñuel’s *Belle de Jour* in this month’s GQ. So *that’s* why foreign film is important. [Men.Style]

The Wait is Over: At long last, Zubaz pants are back in vogue. Huzzah! [Star Tribune]

"Sock-Gate": England's Health Secretary has a lot to learn about proper foot care. [Peterborourgh Today]

Big Game: Join a denim hunter on the trail. [PSFK]

Down Market: The gathering financial storm probably won't make it easier to get dinner reservations at New York's better restaurants, but at least your waiter will have a MBA from Wharton. [NYT]

A Pinch of Saffron: Look, we're as confused about aesthetic and practical value of these "T Takes" mini-movies over at The Moment Blog as the rest of you. But this one here has Saffron Burrows, so... [The Moment]

Dapper Data: We're backing up to this leather-bound hard drive. [Crave]

Poking Holes: A blogger vents his three-button rage. [Permanent Style]

Spring Scrum: Enjoy this preview of Ralph Lauren's latest Rugby collection. [Rugby]

Randy Dandy

  • Jared Paul Stern


*Photographed by our fearless lensman, Patrick McMullan.*

Fiat heir and Agnelli scion Lapo Elkann has experienced a lot of ups and downs in his 30 years. Once destined to succeed his legendary grandfather Gianni Agnelli, Lapo's career trajectory came to a crashing halt when he overdosed in the apartment of a transsexual hooker in Turin in 2005. He has since sobered up (according to some reports) and moved to New York after the lukewarm launch of a sunglasses line called Italia Independent.

Through it all, he has remained impeccably dressed»

Agnelli Family Values

  • Jared Paul Stern

Gianni Agnelli

A new must-see exhibit for any serious sartorial scholar just opened in Rome celebrating the lush life and times of the late, great Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli, one of the most stylish men who ever walked the Earth. Titled “Gianni Agnelli: An Extraordinary Life,” it features over 250 photos, some of them never seen before, plus rare film footage and a documentary. It's at the Vittoriano Complex until the 30th, after which it travels to Turin and Milan.

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