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Breakaway Diplomacy


For all our differences, there are some things that transcend culture. And apparently edible panties are one of those things.

Der Spiegel just posted a surprisingly racy dispatch (via BlackBook) on the best places to find saucy lingerie in Damascus. (Usually alongside the laundry soap, it seems.) The piece goes on at length trying to explain why lacy underthings appeal to the Muslim world, but the answer is surprisingly familiar: they’re sexy.

More interesting is the fact that Syrian panty artisans have cornered the region’s unmentionables market. The differences from country to country are eye-opening to say the least. The piece tracks down Hassan Nasser from Damascus’ Rose Underwear for the following gem:

Jordanian women, he says, are respectable and practical-minded and prefer to buy cotton, while Saudi Arabian women like to feel covered up even in bed and hence prefer semi-transparent but long negligees… "I tell you, Palestinian women are the most interesting. They want sexy stuff—the saucier the better."

Good to know.