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Daisy Lowe is a Premiere All Her Own


Monogramoflage Part Two: Daisy Lowe shows off the latest Murakami/Vuitton collaboration. [Catwalk Queen]

A Sewing Machine is a Sewing Machine: Looking past the “Made in U.S.A.” label. [Young Man/Old Man]

By the Numbers: The film industry gets analyzed, mathematized and broken down into a visually dazzling infographic. [/Film]

Just Because it’s Friday: Here’s the craziest 80s movie we’ve ever heard of. Anyone have a VHS player handy? [Everything Is Terrible]

Laying Down the Law


Give Me Your Answer, Do: Daisy Lowe prefers casual swimwear. [Fashion Copious via Refinery29]

Courtside: The American Apparel/Woody Allen kerfuffle is settled, with Dov Charney on the hook for $5 million. Something tells us the judge was an Annie Hall fan. [Reuters]

World Champions: According to the Toronto Star, Indianapolis is the winningest city in the world, shortly followed by Boston and Vancouver. Mostly, we just feel bad that L.A. was edged out by Anaheim. [Toronto Star]

Silver Rocket: A ’57 Ferrari pulls in $12 Million dollars at auction. Judging by the pics, we’re willing to say she’s worth it. [Jalopnik]