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The July Issues

GQ Drake

July’s a tricky month in the world of printed menswear.

Because even though summer only officially started last Friday, we’ve been talking about it since early May—and the last thing on our minds in the sweltering heat we’re all now starting to feel is fall tweeds.

It’s this “trickiness,” among other things, that led the gents at two of our big three men’s rags to the same decision years ago: July wasn’t worth the hassle of its own issue, so they tacked it onto the end of June’s. Which has given us the rare opportunity to look past those dusty old stalwarts to a few of the other menswear mags out there.

So without further ado, we take the pulse of this month in menswear journalism, after the jump...»

The Next Movement


Daft Punk have been resting comfortably in the pop music pantheon for almost a decade now, descending only for 2007’s victory-lap stadium tour, but they haven’t given too many hints as to what the next step might be. At least until now.

The robot duo’s score for Tron: Legacy just got its own website bearing their first new work in five years…and it sounds pretty good. The four-on-the-floor kick drum’s missing, but you can find a few of the old tricks if you look for them. Some critics are even reading an Oscar push into it, but if nothing else it suggests they’re considering a Hollywood afterlife along the lines of Robbie Robertson, Mark Mothersbaugh or even Hans Zimmer if they’re lucky. Count us among the very excited.