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Introducing Combatant Gentlemen’s New Tux

  • Kempt Staff

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You may have heard. It’s Cyber Monday.

But don’t bother—we’ve already found you the best value you’ll see all day, or any day, for that matter...

Because today Combatant Gentlemen has unveiled an incredibly-handsome-yet-amazingly-priced tuxedo, perfectly timed for any winter-gala-ing you plan on doing. (Not to mention New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.)

In case you’re not familiar with the LA-based upstart label Combatant Gentlemen: it’s basically what you get when you combine a third-generation tailor, a fashion-business insider and a tech guru—and subtract all the conventional markup schemes. What you also get: well-made suits cut from 140s wool with real horn buttons... all at an absurd value. And, as of today, a classic tux that’s got satin lapels, traditional waist tabs in the pants and all of the same construction and value Combatant Gentlemen is making its name on. Plus, they’re sweetening the pot today by giving every tuxedo purchaser an opportunity to win a champagne-soaked New Year’s Eve blowout for four in Las Vegas.

You can probably guess the dress code.

Clementine Stevens Has Never Heard of Cyber Monday

  • Najib Benouar

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