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A Gentleman’s Guide to Ties, Collars and Tie Knots

Ovadia & Sons

It used to be you could get by with just a four-in-hand and a smile... but times have changed. The collars are more complex, the ties are stuck between mod-thin and banker-thick, and suddenly your knot’s either busting the seams or lost in a chasm of empty fabric.

So we figured we’d boil things down to the bare essentials. After the jump, we’ll match the four most common types of collar with the ties and knots that suit them best, and along the way, show you where to pick up some of the better specimens.

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Rating The Trends of 2011

Trends of 2011

A lot of new ideas arrived on the menswear scene this past year, but as we cast our gaze forward to 2012, we only see a few of them lasting through the next twelve months. So to let you know what you can safely count on wearing a year from now, we've rated some of the most discussed tricks in the book on a simple AAA-to-D scale (with apologies to Standard & Poors). If you want a credit rating for your double monks, look no further.

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