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The Designer of Your New Ray-Bans: You

  • Najib Benouar


Perfectly timed for the bright future of spring and summer, Ray-Ban has just unveiled their first-ever customization program, Ray-Ban Remix.

And for all of the things that have received the online-customization treatment, this is something we can get behind. You’ll get to choose between their nine most iconic frames and have dozens of color, lens and engraving options. Which should come in handy if you’re looking for a subtle way to sport your team colors in the Final Four.

Here’s a closer look at the process.»

Custom Jeans and Polos from SoHo’s Most Futuristic Tailor

  • Kempt Staff

jeans It was only a matter of time before the 3D body scanners used by futuristic tailoring houses got applied to more humble items like jeans and polo shirts. (If you weren’t aware of the magical laser-assisted fitting rooms that scan your every suit measurement in mere seconds, you are now.)

In fact, a small custom clothier in SoHo by the name of Acustom Apparel has set its sights on jeans and polo shirts, and our friends at UrbanDaddy Perks have got exclusive access to the program before anyone else. The jeans are cut from Cone Denim, naturally, and you can get as custom as you want with the fit and finishes. And the same goes for the polo. Most importantly, you can rest assured they’ll fit like a glove—or dad jeans, your call.

We for one welcome our new robot tailors.

A Double-Decker Full of Custom Suits and Cocktails

  • Najib Benouar

In a perfect storm of British rakishness, custom tailor Duncan Quinn has fully kitted out a London double-decker bus with custom suits and cocktails. And he’s on his way to a town near you.

We got a sneak peak at the whole operation last night over a few barrel-aged rum cocktails (yes, those will be along for the ride) in the upstairs speakeasy and were duly impressed with the roominess of the downstairs menswear shop on wheels. The tour began last night in NYC with a three-night stint and will continue in Miami for another three nights starting February 20. It will then make its final stop in LA for another three nights starting March 26. As you can imagine, time and space is limited, so drop Mr. Quinn a line if you’d like to get suited up when he’s in town.

Here are a few more sneak peeks at the magic school bus of handsomeness that will be making the tri-coastal voyage.»

Miranda Kerr Just Remembered Today Is Halloween

  • Kempt Staff

Miranda Rights: The Brits of Esquire have named Mrs. Bloom the Sexiest Woman Alive. Here’s the accompanying video. (You’re welcome.) [Esquire UK]

Private Seat: Selectism takes us behind the scenes of making a custom pair of jeans at 3x1 Denim. [Selectism]

Good Grade: A handsome recap of the successful NorthernGrade menswear pop-up we told you about last week. [Well Spent]

TGI-Weds: For those of you staying indoors tonight (and with electricity), Paper has rounded up the seven best Halloween episodes from ’80s and ’90s sitcoms. [Paper]

Drake’s Goes Bespoke

  • Najib Benouar

Finding the ideal tie width can be a very personal thing—especially for the kind of person who wears one almost daily. Once you’ve got it nailed down, it’s something that will make or break every subsequent tie purchase—which is why many well-heeled outfits like Drake’s of London have offered the bespoke treatment to their regular in-shop customers for some time now. All that changes today—cancel the flight to London—because they’ve opened their custom tie program to anyone with an Internet connection and a discerning taste in ties. It’s all the quintessentially British fabrics you’re used to (50-ounce silk twill, grenadine, cashmere), but now you can get them in whatever length, width, lining and tipping you’d like. For some, this is revolutionary news. You’ll want to have your metric conversion table handy.

You Call It

  • Najib Benouar

The term “custom shirting” leaves a lot of room for interpretation—especially online. But the latest shirt makers on the scene, Ratio, are handcrafting shirts in as custom an operation as it gets—short of spending a couple hours with a tailor (h/t). In addition to the standard options you’ll often find online (fabric type, collar-to-sleeve ratio), Ratio lets you choose your hem length, collar style and even whether you want a box pleat, center pleat or no pleat on your back. In all, you’ve got over a dozen variables to tweak.

Meaning you’ve just found your new favorite shirt designer: you.

Introducing HollenWolff Heritage Cufflinks

  • Najib Benouar

In general, we favor wearing things that have withstood the test of time. And when it comes to our cufflinks, we’d rather not feel like we’re slipping a dainty trinket onto our shirtsleeve...

That being said, allow us to introduce you to HollenWolff Heritage, a Milwaukee-based upstart that’s unearthed a century-old patent for ball-bearing-lock cufflinks and will soon be fulfilling all of your French-cuffed needs. (Rest assured, they’re much heftier than the baubles you’re clasping to your shirts right now.)

This is what you get when your cufflinks are machined in a ball bearing shop.»

Our Man in Napoli

You can never have too many Italian tie makers.

So we were pleased to get word of a new custom house in Napoli that specializes in digging up luxurious 40-year-old silks. They’re called Passaggio, and their work takes both money and time. Each batch will take nearly a month to get through their factory—if you want it faster, go to the Germans—but in that time you’ll nail down precisely which dimensions, fabrics and finishing touches complement your collection of suits.

Their favorite trick is stitching together a tie from a single piece of silk (most ties are made from two or three separate pieces) for a lighter, more casual drape, an old-world affectation that’s increasingly hard to find.

They’re still a few months away from e-commerce, so they’re working by email—but nothing this good is ever easy to find.

See a few more photos after the jump»

The Least Important Decision You'll Make With Your Tailor


If you’ve had a custom suit made recently, you may have noticed a mind-boggling number of choices piling up in front of you. Would you like contrast threading? Two or six-millimeter pick-stitching? How do you feel about buttonholes?

The decisions are easier to handle with a trusted tailor, but with Web shops opening up left and right, it can be a genuinely befuddling moment. Unless you’ve spent the last few years studying StyleForum, you might not know the coded sartorial meaning of kissing buttonholes or the dozen other affectations swirling around the edges of a custom suit.

So we’re going to explain it all, here and now. The good news is, it’s simpler than you think.

Allow us to elaborate...»

Kristina Krivomazova is in the Dark


Haunted Mansion: Zoo Magazine is a big fan of blackout curtains, it would seem. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

The Old Stuff: GQ rounds up the best vintage shops in America. Naturally, none of our favorites made the list, but we’re not entirely unhappy about that. [GQ]

Cut and Sew: A quick survey of your custom shirting options. That is [Magnificent Bastard]

The Remix Beat: Years ago, we wished for an M.I.A. and Cornershop collaboration. Finally, it has come to pass. [SPIN]

A Well-Sized Hanger


The expansion of bespokery is old news by now, but it’s reaching to areas that never occurred to us. For instance, that maple wand in your closet could probably stand to be a bit more customized.

The Hanger Project is making a play at setting up the luxury wooden hanger market by offering wooden suit hangers made to measure. It’s a familiar idea to anyone versed in the art of the shoe tree, but it’s still a welcome addition to our sartorial arsenal.

They’re a bit expensive, but so was your suit, and there’s no point in letting it spend its days on shoulders that are narrower than yours.

Your Very Own Robot Tailor


eCommerce and Flash media have developed together to the point that it’s possible to customize just about anything—with the right site, naturally. But we’re a little unsure of whether taking on tailoring was a good idea. is a customizable shirting site that lets you enter your measurements, select a style, and generally oversee your oxford from conception to completion. Then it’s stitched together in China and shipped to your doorstep, just the way you imagined. Of course, we would never speak ill of tailoring, but something about this setup just doesn’t seem right…

We elaborate on our misgivings»