Adam Lippes

**Scotchy, scotch, scotch**: So that $30,000 bottle of Scotch we told you about? It sold for $54K. [Reuters]

**She Told Ya, She Was Trouble**: Amy Winehouse is Karl Lagerfeld’s new, barfy muse. [Anorak]

**Walking Tall**: Style Dash jumps into J. Crew’s new boots [Style Dash]

**Like Your Own Personal Elves**: Refinery29 is making a list, checking it twice. [Refinery29]

**’allo Luv**: The strange patios of Neil Strauss’ The Game corrupts the noble British tongue. [Times UK]

**No Diggity**: Break out the Cross Colours, 1992 is in effect. [Sunday Styles]

**Bed Spread**: Upgrade your thread count for 70% off till Wednesday. [Racked]

**Open Lippes**: New-York based Adam Lippes opens up his first store—a biggish boutique next to the Meatpacking District’s Apple Store. [DNRNews]

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