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Six Menswear Collaborations We Hope to See in 2013

  • Najib Benouar

High-end fashion designers collaborating with mall brands wasn’t new in 2012, but it definitely made a big impact on menswear this year—the Gaps, the Targets, the H&Ms went all GQ, Odin and Margiela on the average consumer in the past year.

In 2013, we expect even more high-low collaborations. And since we’re essentially menswear soothsayers, we decided to let you know what to look forward to.

Without further ado, Kempt’s predictions for the big menswear collaborations of 2013.»

Emma Roberts is Not Wearing a Seatbelt

Don’t Be An Idiot: A guide to when it is appropriate to bust out your phone. A little awareness goes a long way. [Gizmodo]

Kind of Blue: The blue brogue continues its hitting streak. Time to start hunting for your pair. [You Have Broken the Internet]

In Other Words, Stick With The Coffee: In praise of creative routines. [The 99 Percent]

Life in Plastic: Sart Inc leads the charge on croc-ian boat shoes. Skepticism is warranted. [Sartorially Inclined]

Ieva Laguna is Oversized

The Hustle? Really?: A countdown of every Song of the Summer since 1940. Perhaps the 70s were not quite as awesome as we thought… [Buzzfeed]

Renaissance Hype Man: Lane Brown counts down Diddy’s best talents. We’re going to go with saying “yeah” in the background of Biggie songs. [Vulture]

Team Lanvin: Esky runs down the best of the country’s best boutiques. Well played. [Esquire]

Crocs or Death?: A little boy’s life is saved by his croc. We’re conflicted here, but we’re going to choose death. [Gawker]

Tool of the System


Now that the inauguration’s in sight, Obama’s sartorial honeymoon may be coming to a close. It started with the Magnificent Bastard noticing some of his latest style choices including some decidedly Clintonian golfwear—hardly change we can believe in.

So far we’re inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt, just like on his cabinet picks. But if he starts wearing Crocs and reading the National Review, we’ll know we’re in trouble.

Obama’s Jeans, the Dying Croc, and the Many Uses of Mini Coopers


Dressing Down: The Gray Lady dissects Obama’s casual style…and somehow comes away with Jerry Seinfeld. [NYTimes]

Language Arts: A quick tour of Bond’s best sex puns. Plenty O’Toole, sadly, is absent. [Gawker]

High Occupancy Lane: A guide to having sex in small cars. Ah, to be seventeen again. [Treehugger]

Croc Hunter: It took a worldwide recession and the collapse of half a dozen major financial institutions, but crocs are finally over. It was worth it. [Reuters]

Scent of a Timberlake, Ankle Breakers and Marc Scarfs One Down


Moby Dick: If you're a weasley-looking, self-righteous vegan of limited musical ability and even more limited muscle mass who manages to bed Natalie Portman, please try to be a gentleman about it. [NYPost]

N'Stink: Ever wonder what all that stuff in Justin Timberlake's hair smells like? It's Givenchy. [Catwalk Queen]

"The Bubbles Tickle My Nose": Behold! The chick drink of tomorrow![PSFK]

Who Knew?: In a city of queues and lines, perhaps the strangest is outside of Abercrombie & Fitch. [Racked]

Offensive Foul: Crocs, the ideal merchandising tie-in for the today's uptempo, run-and-gun NBA. [Just-Style]

My Beautiful Launderette: Design is only a rinse cycle away. [Kitsune Noir]

"Does Tom Ford Hate The Straights?": Sorry, Gawker, we were a bit distracted by these pics here. What were you saying? [Gawker]

"Marc Jacobs Plagiarized My Dad's Scarf": Just imagine how pissed he'll be when the knockoffs start showing up on Canal Street. [The Local, Sweden]

Revenge of the 70s, Uomo Updates and Vested Interests

The Beatles

"More Paul Glaser Than David Soul": Critics drop "Starsky and Hutch" references as Italians channel the 70s yet again. [Telegraph UK]

Croc Hunters: According to the Japanese government, Crocs are unsafe—thus are last year's Uggs stripped of their singular redeeming value. [Mindblogging Stuff]

Hissy Fits: Dudes, chill—_Men's Vogue_ is more of a corporate hobby than a real mag anyways. [Daily News]

We Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie & Fitch: Apropos of nothing, fun-loving, sepia-toned nudity. [Style Dash]

Suicide Blonde: Amy Winehouse and peroxide—it was only a matter of time. [Hating It Magazine]

Ciao!: Pitti Uomo coverage worth running through Bablefish. [PittiBlog]

In The Trenches: Izzy brings this cropped, high-collar number to our attention. [Manolo for The Men]

Pop In: Racked checks Trovata's back room at Ernest Sewn. [Racked]

The Quiet One: Seems George Harrison liked to dress up in his old Beatles costumes—well, come on, wouldn't you? [Thaindian News]

In Vest: Gawker learns what we've known all along—David Coleman is making it safe for men to wear clothes. This week, he introduces us to this new "vest" thing. [Gawker]

Deal Alert: Tim Hamilton sample sale begins Saturday. [Marc & Dolce]

Passing Showers: Maybe Vincent Gallo and Terry Richardson can "make it rain"—but nothing, nothing could ever wash them clean. [Hypebeast]