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Introducing... The Sale Scorecard

  • Kempt Staff

Crew shirts

In this new weekly series, we filter through all of the online-sale noise and grade your best options for some weekend shopping...

For Your Spring Head Start: Brooks Brothers is getting you in on their spring action a day early online—before it lands in shops—and they’re knocking off up to $200 on your final tally. Discount: C Sizes Available: A Selection: A

If You’re Looking for Luggage: Billy Kirk has knocked 60% off a decent number of their well-made bags—and one very tempting navy trilby. Discount: A Styles Available: B Selection: B+

Some More Spring-Forward Incentive: For three days only, Club Monaco is knocking 20% off all of their new spring gear with the code “SPRING20.” Discount: B+ Sizes Available: A Selection: A

A Good Chance to Stock Up on Spring Basics: Gap is also getting in the spring spirit early with 25% off everything in shop with the code “GAP25”—but act fast, because it ends tomorrow. Discount: A- Sizes Available: A Selection: B+

For Those Thinking Very, Very Far Ahead: Wittmore has finally slashed the rest of their winter sale down to 60% off. You won’t be able to wear most of it till it gets wintry again, but some good finds with a decent selection of sizes are still left here. Discount: A Sizes Available: B+ Selection: A-

Helena Christensen Has Saved You a Seat

The Warm Season: A guide to the world’s crewneck sweatshirts. It’s not just for training boxers anymore. [Valet]

The Starched Front: A few thick shirts to see you through winter. We’re especially fond of the L.L.Bean chamois. [Wax Wane]

The Shoes of Summer: Vans founder James Van Doren gets a fitting send-off from Esquire’s Mark Mikin. [Esquire]

“I Did Not Enlist”: In honor of the History Channel’s latest Vietnam doc, the Trad talks shop with a former squad leader. Fascinating stuff. [The Trad]

The Other Crewneck


You may recall hearing about Breton-stripe crewnecks a few months back, but at the time all we could come up with were freshly released boutique versions of a style that’s been kicking around for decades.

Fortunately, Selectism pointed us to a better source today. It’s called Flamborough Marine, and if you can get past the janky web design, you’ll find a classic Yorkshire shop that sews up the very same crewnecks for a good hundred dollars less, with some extra Brittania cred for good measure. Consider it a very good find.