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Summer on the Crepe

  • Najib Benouar

The crepe sole penny loafer has been quietly gaining traction since they popped up on Yuketen’s Americana-phile shoe rack a few years ago. They’re a bit quirky on first glance, but for anyone who’s enjoyed a crepe-soled bounce in their step, it’s well worth a few wrinkled noses.

This new pair from Oak Street Bootmakers (one of five new designs that have just hit their webshop) is the best-looking incarnation we’ve seen yet. It’s got the heritage-approved beefroll stitching (that extra leather from the top strap that rolls over the toe stitch) and Horween Chromexcel leather. And it’s all handcrafted in the USA.

Most importantly, you can give your desert boots a rest till fall.

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