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Clementine Stevens Has Never Heard of Cyber Monday

  • Najib Benouar

And the Nominees Are... Apparently someone thinks more menswear blog awards are in order... and we couldn't agree more. Coincidentally, our hat has been thrown into the ring. (That would be our tweed driving cap in the ring, if you must know). Naturally, we're honored. [The Cravats]

It's All Right: New York Magazine documents the style of Bob Dylan's eclectic fanbase at his most recent concert in NYC. A surprisingly well put together group on the whole, but we've got to give our best dressed vote to the scalper's camo/plaid/cable knit ensemble. [The Cut]

Popping Off: SWT gives us a quick refresher on why we should take note of the Italian collar pop. Point taken, but we'd rather wait till April rolls around to start thinking about polo collar etiquette. [StartWithTypewriters]

Necks, Protected


It would appear the neckerchief is once again at the throats of the stylish populace. Don’t say you weren’t warned

The Cut just shined a spotlight on a new line of western cravats out of Brooklyn, and took the opportunity to call “trend.” Of course, Mr. Ford was on this particular tip long before Williamsburg caught on, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Zodiac look included a well-placed foulard before just about anyone. But we’re crying foul on this particular retro kick for one simple reason: the weather.

The Brooklyn-based gentlemen of leisure are using the neckerchief to protect their neck and collar from summertime sweat. It’s rooted in function and comfort, making it a much better idea than most trendspotters realize. The problem is, it’s August, and while it’s still gross out there, nobody’s going to be gearing up for a neckerchief purchase until next spring. There’ll be a lot of options waiting for them after the thaw, but it’s a little early to start making predictions.