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The Uncluttering


As you may have heard a few times before, elegance is refusal. In particular, we’d nominate the refusal to cling to that ratty pair of “housework” jeans you haven’t worn in two years.

Which is why, despite questionable web design and a strong whiff of Freeganism, we’re ready to endorse Curb Day—a festival of free piles coming up on September 25th. The truth is, you probably have too much stuff, more stuff than you want, and you need is an excuse to get rid of some of it. That includes those jeans, your yogurt maker and any number of plastic doo-dads kicking around the corners of your closet. Maybe someone else wants it…or maybe not.

But in the interest of remaining insect-free, leave the scavenging to less discerning individuals.

Jessica Miller is a Forest Spirit

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A Swing and a Miss


It’s a sign of the times: Where Monet had water lilies, we have internet detritus.

Sophie Blackall (via CoolHunting) takes inspiration from the thousands of missed connections posted on craigslist every day. The accompanying Gorey-esque drawings create likenesses based on the provided description, but we’re guessing they’re all a lot less whimsical in person.