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Adriana Lima Has Stumbled Into a De Sica Film

The Culture of Full-Priced Couture: The Journal takes a look at the people who buy those $10,000 frocks. If menswear ever gets to here, we may have to cash in our chips. [WSJ]

Shot By Shot: A photographic look at the best dunks of the All-Star Game—including the Kia-related one. [Reuters]

Neckwearpaloozathonfest 2011: Jesse Thorn’s tie collection goes on eBay, to great acclaim. [The Choosy Beggar]

Apple Core: A gluttonous and excessive amount of information concerning the new MacBook Pros. [Gizmodo]

Paris On, Crew Guide & Gossip Guys


Runway Report: In France, the couture shows begin and Patrick Demarchelier is toasted. Celebs single file, please. [W]

Idol Gossip: The men of Gossip Girl confess their most creative use of fan gifts, female attention and which career they’d trade up for [Details]

Guy’s Guide: Is J. Crew taking a stab at the “How To” market for Men’s Style? [Drinkin’ and Dronin’]

Nice Try: Balenciaga’s foray into menswear, allegedly showing suits in Paris for ’09, off to a bad start [NYT]