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Heirloom Week: Automobile Edition

  • Kempt Staff


Typically, one thinks of an heirloom only after it’s weathered a few generations, gathering its own uniquely handsome patina and lived-in warmth along the way. But before all that, it started out shiny and new in some factory or on some store shelf. And since there are still a few companies out there making stuff that looks timeless and will last longer than you, we’ve set out to find the new breed of future heirlooms in this weeklong series. Yesterday we began with watches. Today we’re looking at cars...

Herewith, the five new cars to buy today, that will be heirlooms tomorrow...»

Lawyers for Hobbits, Bad Writing Advice and New Corvettes

  • Kempt Staff

House Call: A Continuous Lean visits Dunhill’s flagship “retail home” in London. Handsomeness ensues.

Second Restatement: Wired asks a lawyer to analyze the validity of a major plot hinge in The Hobbit: the contract between Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves.

So Bad, It’s Good: Flavorwire tries to call into question some “bad” advice from famous authors, but it’s hard to argue with gems like “write drunk; edit sober.”

Vetting Process: On the occasion of the unveiling of Corvette’s newest, the 2014 Stingray, Gear Patrol charts the evolution of the legendary American muscle machine.

Rowena Has Made a Hipster Carpet

Like “Taunting the Bear,” but Catchier: The Quarterly coins a new phrase, “fucking the babysitter,” for self-inflicted disaster. [GQ]

Speak, Voicemail: Clive Thompson has stopped talking on the phone…which explains why he’s not taking our calls. [Wired]

The Housecoat Speaks: Hugh Hefner defends his legacy, on the eve of a new doc celebrating his works. [Vulture]

Have a Seat: Behold, the spectacle of a Corvette seat being manufactured. [Core77]