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Yvonne Strahovski Is Not Getting in the Pool

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The New Levi’s Vintage

Levi’s Vintage Clothing

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Levi’s Vintage Clothing is really on top of their game.

The latest batch just arrived at Unionmade. The jeans are fantastic, of course—you can choose between designs from 1878, 1922, 1933, and so on through to Eisenhower—but the cords and sweatshirts are also prime examples of early 20th century American style.

And if you had a sudden, urgent need for a shooting vest with 42 separate bullet pockets, this should probably be your first stop.

You Must, You Must

Here’s another one from the “when it gets cold” file.

London’s YMC (short for “You Must Create”) just unveiled a few pics from their fall/winter line, which should get extremely handy once October rolls around. We’re particularly taken with this gentleman’s well-layered approach, even if his socks are getting a bit aggressive.

Beyond that, there’s some pretty handsome rollneck sweaters and some of the more handsome cords we’ve seen all season.

See a few more pics after the jump.»

Karina is Not Happy About the Nail Clippings on your Nightstand

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Theo Gosselin has Happy Neighbors

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Things We Learned at Last Night’s Corduroy Appreciation Club

  • Najib Benouar


Last night we attended the 5th Annual Grand Meeting of the Corduroy Appreciation Club and found one of the most unusual scenes we’ve ever run across, with Technicolor button-downs, rabble-rousing speeches and corduroy in places that we never dreamed it would be.

So in the name of journalism, we’re setting down a list of lessons from the night, starting with an explanation of that befuddling item pictured at left.

The things we learned, in an itemized list»

Corduroy Returns


You can never have too much corduroy.

To that end, we couldn’t resist a chance at wearing some on our upper half, specifically with this baker’s jacket. It’s a clever update to the most structured corduroy blazer, along the lines of the hipper items you’ll find at Freeman’s.

And more importantly, if you’re going to properly outfit yourself for the upcoming corduroy celebration, you’d better start now.

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Mona Johannesson is an Unorthodox Cowgirl

The Kingmaker: Sean Parker got in on the ground floor of Facebook and Napster. At 30, he spends his time wearing beautiful suits and hunting people for sport. (We’re pretty sure that’s in there.) [Vanity Fair]

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She’s So Heavy


Now that you can find pinwale slacks just about anywhere, it’s hard to get too excited about corduroy pants—unless you go with something a bit heavier than what you can find in the other shops.

This wide-wale cord from Margaret Howell is a prime example. It’s the kind of warm and cozy pant that the fall calls for…but thicker and heavier than most of the stuff you know as corduroy.

Here’s our only caveat: unlike the rest of the heavy pants in your closet, this isn’t workwear, so you’ll want to coddle it a little more than normal. In fact, maybe don’t get out of the armchair.

Trend of the Day: The Corduroy Short


We spent the last few days surveying a mind-boggling number of Summer ’11 collections at the Capsule and ENK shows, and the biggest trend to emerge out of the muddle may have been corduroy shorts. We ran across pairs from Rogues Gallery (pictured), Lightning Bolt, and even the cotton tie-makers at Camo. If you’re wondering what it they look like in person, you can pick one up from L. L. Bean’s Signature Collection. In other words…they’re everywhere.

We’ll confess to being a bit puzzled by all this, and not just because L. L. Bean managed to be the first out of the gate. In heat like this, the last thing we want is some stifling cords—but we’d probably feel differently if we did more sailing.

The Return of the Corduroy Suit


As part of our ongoing love affair with 70s style, we couldn’t help but notice a certain Ford-era staple working its way back into the public consciousness. America, prepare yourself for the return of the corduroy suit. It’s been too long…

This one comes from L. L. Bean Signature’s Fall/Winter line, arriving online exactly three weeks from today, and the burnt khaki color is right out of a Woody Allen movie. All things considered, it couldn’t have come at a better time. To be honest, the thrift store versions were getting a bit musty…

Days of Fondue


If we had to guess the year this gentleman was striding boldly into, we'd probably place it somewhere in the hazy era of the late 70s. Something about the feathery hair, the billowing pocket square and the cableknit-corduroy combo makes it seem like he's probably humming an Abba song.

But as it turns out, it's all coming back to the present tense. (That includes Abba.) In fact, this gentleman is part of Tommy HIlfiger's Fall/Winter offering for 2010, red pants and all. It's a pretty striking wardrobe, and we're excited to see if this takes off—if only because our years spent stockpiling blazers might finally pay some dividends. We're not sure about the turtleneck sweaters...but you can't have everything.

A Nice Burgundy


Corduroy is usually a little too delicate for the workwear crowd, but it looks like it’s finally getting its day in the sun.

This pair comes from Engineered Garments’ Workaday collection—the cheaper, staple-oriented diffusion line—and while there aren’t any cargo pockets or extraneous seams, it’s a lot more solid than what you’ll find at the outlet shops. And more importantly, it gets the color just right.

This shade of red might be a bit heavy for a pair of pants, but it’ll surprise you how well it goes with just about anything in your closet. It's well on its way to becoming a staple—and we’d choose this pair over just about any of the others.