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The Blogger Look


The band t-shirt has been a staple of our casual wardrobe for a while—really, ever since that one Deerhoof show—but that’s because rock stars are cool. Bloggers, not so much.

But as in many things, Andrew Sullivan is the exception. The combination of an awesome beard and a balanced understanding of new media make him the closest our tribe has to a rock star, so he’s teamed up with the nautical experts (and Provincetown residents) at Rogues Gallery for a trio of screenprinted tees.

Think of them as a stylish, subtle way of saying, “I’m honest enough to admit my own mistakes” or “I like looking out of windows.” It should occupy the same place in your wardrobe as the concert tee—but instead of a few hours of great music, you’ll be commemorating one of the stranger collaborations in menswear.

Having said that: if anyone wants to collaborate with us on a line of branded suspenders, we’re not hard to find.