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Daria Werbowy is Destroying Sand Castles

Top Billing: An interview with the legendary Bill Withers. Still the man. [A.V. Club]

The Living is Easy: Another batch of summer essentials. You have our permission to skip the tank top. [Antenna]

Summer Reading: Giz walks us through the origins of the bikini. To satisfy your historial curiosity, of course. [Gizmodo]

CoCoCo: Conan O’Brien offers a comics guide to creativity. A lot of it has to do with silly hair. [Fast Company]

Ana Beatriz Cannot Believe Herself

Red-Headed Stepchild: A book excerpt retells the Conan-Leno debacle with insider info, punchier dialogue and a few gratuitous sex scenes. [Vanity Fair]

Presented Without Comment: Gucci now makes $225 3D glasses, in aviator frames. We take no official position on this development. [Luxist]

Together At Last: A lost duet between Ray Charles and Johnny Cash finally escapes from the vault. [The Guardian]

The End of Prep: J.Press cashes in some branding cred for a limited line with Urban Outfitters. [Sartorially Inclined]

Blake Lively is…Lively


Greaser’s Palace: But is she a Shark or a Jet? [Esquire]

A Star-Making Turn: This Channing Tatum profile opens with a description of the star’s fire-deformed package, which is enough to earn it a place in puff piece history. Brass balls, Marks. We salute you. [DETAILS]

The Barbarian: A thoughtful take on NBC’s late night debacle. And, a pretty good reason to watch the Tonight Show tonight. [Vulture]

Pretty Things: Your daily dose of francophone erotic thriller remakes, courtesy of /Film. [/Film]

The Misfit


The Last of the Bombshells: A few more Marilyn snaps surface. We’re game, as always. [Refinery29]

On Ice: Daniel Craig is now available in popsicle form. No, we don’t know why either. [Vulture]

The Barbarian: WSJ’s brand new culture blog weighs in on O’Brien’s brand new Tonight Show. It’s the dawn of two new eras. [Speakeasy]

Tears of a Clown: Ol’ Blue Eyes apparently fancied himself quite the painter. The rest of the world…not so much. [Luxist]

Late Bloomers


As intrigued as we are that the networks' nightcaps are back on the air, we (and the entire viewing audience) couldn't help but notice the new sidekicks on both the Late Show with David Letterman and Late Night with Conan O'Brian—big, fuzzy beards.

According to their respective owners, both wooly patches were inspired by a confluence of strike solidarity and the typical lax in fine grooming that most TV stars adopt when on hiatus.

What is Dave hiding?»