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ScarJo, Notch Lapels, and the Communist Threat


ScarMo: Scarlett Johansson tries being the new Marilyn Monroe. But where's a subway draft when you need it? [My Fashion Life]

Red is the New Black: Has men’s fashion gone communist? If only we could have some kind of witch-hunt to clear this whole thing up. [International Herald Tribune]

Art Cribs: Inside Ruben Toledo’s amazing loft. That’s just how MOTHs live these days. [NYMag]

White Tie: The Obama administration makes its first style faux pas. At least there weren’t any diplomats around. [Luxist]



We have officially turned on Shepard Fairey. It took a lot, but he’s finally soured us on the idea of him ever doing anything at all.

It took a lot. His early work was so interesting, he’s paved the way for a lot of more interesting street art, and let’s face it: the Obama poster buys a lot of good will. But he’s finally run through the last bits of it.

How he lost us»