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Chosen Ones


We managed to get our hands on an advanced copy of next month’s T Magazine—courtesy of Friend Of Kempt, PR guru and devil-about-town Steve Rojas—and we couldn’t help but notice one of our favorite labels getting the star treatment. Actually, make that three of our favorite labels.

T’s designer spotlight features old favorites Commonwealth Utilities and Seavees, but the big surprise is Corpus, a weatherproofed nautical line that landed at Barneys this month, and is just starting to show up in glossy mags. Of course, it’s well-timed with the nautical trend, and we’re building up our raingear supply just like everyone else—but it’s still pretty impressive that they nabbed the pole position.

Naturally, if T had asked us, we might have had a few more suggestions…but there’s always next issue.



Although the bowtie has been getting more cred lately, it’s still a flashy move with an uncertain payoff in many circles. The best bowties are the ones that keep their heads down, usually through softer fabrics that make them almost scarflike, but we may have found another solution.

This shirt-and-tie outfit comes from our old friends at Commonwealth Utilities, and though it’s still months away from stores, we’re ready to call it as the second coming of the bowtie. It looks like a natural outgrowth of the shirt, and surprisingly enough, ends up looking more casual than a regular tie would. A loose knot, an ascot-esque drape, and a little fabric matching is all it takes, apparently.

The Common Man


Marketing has become a bit of a dirty word lately, but it has a lot more to do with modern fashion brands than anything that comes out of a factory. After all, where would Tom Ford be without a few well-framed photographs?

With that in mind, Commonwealth Utilities had a good idea. The label is a back-and-forth collaboration between designer Anthony Keegan and marketing guru Richard Christiansen—Anthony provides the clothes while Richard provides the image—and the fact that they go back a decade-plus doesn’t hurt. The advertising end has been impressive so far, with a perfectly designed shirt package and a lookbook shot with a UFC fighter, but naturally, we’re a little more interested in Mr. Keegan’s contribution.

If their Spring line is any indication, we’re about to see a lot more high-buttoned blazers. And we love a well patterned pocket.

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