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Patrycja Gardygajlo Is at a Segway-Optional Beach

  • Kempt Staff

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Sara Underwood Wants to Talk Comic-Con

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No, Seriously: Esquire catches up with Ms. Underwood to talk Comic-Con 2012 predictions, The Hobbit, Django and Godzilla. (Or so we’re told; we’re still drinking in the slideshow.) [Esquire]

My Collar So Soft: An ode to the natural beauty of a dress shirt collar sans stays. [Put This On]

Par for the Course: The Times takes stock of the PGA’s on-tour style. Sounds like camo is not far behind. [On Par]

Coast and Sew: Isaia is taking its handsomeness to the interwebs—by way of a multi-chapter inspiration board. [The Making of Isaia]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Michael Sheen


The surprise beard can be a powerful move if properly executed (see Hamm, Jon), but it requires a certain amount of artful dishevelment alongside it—especially if you happen to be at Comic-Con, the national center for dishevelment, artful or no.

This week’s lesson comes from Michael Sheen, caught at the Tron Legacy panel. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t know he had that kind of whisker in him. More importantly, he manages to work it into a desert-island look casual enough not to threaten the Comic-con crowd but gentlemanly enough to impress any style bloggers who might be passing by. That means those peak lapels are small enough that nobody but those who care will notice, to say nothing of the effortless off-white shirt. Well done, Mr. Prime Minister.