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Paz de la Huerta Is Playing a Thumb Piano

Paz de la Huertavia Flaunt

Wild Days, Wild Years: Patti Smith is still pretty awesome, it turns out. [The Moment]

I Think I’m Going to Ralph: As a break from his comprehensive Ferrari collection, here’s an enormous picture of Ralph Lauren’s Jeep. [Driven]

The Perfect Rugby Shirt: The cotton wizards at Columbiaknit have stitched together a rugby shirt. If you’re in the market, you won’t find a better one. [Archival Clothing]

And Just Because It’s Friday: Here’s a video of feeding time for 100 dogs on an aristocratic English manse. [GOOD]

The Jersey Scarf

Columbiaknit Scarf

Here’s another update on the summer scarf front, this time from the old hands at Columbiaknit. They’re the Oregon shop that handled all the rugby shirts for L.L. Bean and Land’s End back in the good old days, and they’ve become a workwear favorite in the days since.

These scarves are literally cut from the same cloth, making them about as thick as, well, a rugby shirt—and the perfect guard against any summer chills. They’re also about a third the price of the designer options. As for how to work them into everyday wear, we direct you to the tale of the soporific scarf.