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Pennies for Your Thoughts

  • Najib Benouar

via Cool Hunting

The more advanced footwear enthusiasts have been swapping out their laces for something more colorful for some time now, but for the loaferly-inclined, there wasn’t much you could do to punch things up.

Luckily, Benjo’s—the folks partly responsible for the brightly waxed lace revolution—have come up with a solution. Color-coated pennies. We’ll wait for a moment while your mind returns from being blown. Okay, you’ve got plenty of colors to choose from—N.B. Greenberg calls out to us, mostly by name—so don’t be afraid to get bold (this is why you opted for penny loafers in the first place).

And in case you don’t already have a pair, let us remind you of these Allen Edmonds we mentioned yesterday.

Living the Grenadine Dream

  • Najib Benouar

We’re always singing the praises of grenadine ties. (Let Mr. Bond show you how it’s done.) So here’s a bit of great news: the champions of sensible menswear trimmings at The Knottery have just unveiled a new batch of honeycomb-woven silk stunners in their webshop.

As usual, you’re getting a steal—the grenadine silk is from a legendary mill in Como, Italy, and the ties have been unlined in a way that still ensures a satisfying knot. Another nice touch: the ties come in solid colors (often you’ll find grenadine ties that have a navy base with the primary color woven into it). Like all of the Knottery’s offerings, once they’re gone you may never see them again—so you’ll want to strike while the iron is hot.

Kempt Man of the Hour: Sergei

Fashion rulebooks tend to have a small section on the three color rule—the idea that a gentleman shouldn’t have more than three shades on your person at any one time. That’s fine if you’re working at a bank or a mortuary, but otherwise, we’d direct your attention to this gentleman, who’s wearing no less than five colors and pulling them off better than anyone we’ve seen all week.

It helps that the jacket is the kind of soft-shouldered, high-wristed item Engineered Garments has been chasing for the past few years. It’s still an eyeful, but the colors are all sharp and bright enough that it never looks anything other than exuberant. It’s a young look, make no mistake—but we’d guess he’s young at heart.