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The Changing of the Guard


Stop everything. Are you sitting down? Good.

Remember all those orange-colored socks and plates and credenzas you ordered last year, in celebration of Mimosa’s 2009 reign? Well, 2009’s over, so get rid of them. This is turquoise’s year.

We’re not thrilled to be honest—this new shade seems a bit too subdued to make much of an impact—and all that talk of it being “a color of deep compassion and healing” isn’t helping. But maybe we’ll like it better when we see it in the background of an Esquire cover.

Plus, by then we’ll have new socks.

Coloring Book


The old workhorse denim companies have taken their time catching up to the boutique acts, but it looks like they’re finally coming around.

This set of colored Levi's 501s is a step in the right direction, and it's in line with work they've been doing with 511s for years...but the colors seem a bit too primary for our tastes. It’s still impressive gear, especially the gray and yellow versions, but it would have been better if it were a bit more Pantone and a bit less...crayola.

We're not saying they need to jump on the Mimosa, but a few shades lighter on the green and a few shades darker on the red would have made them a whole lot more wearable.

Riff Raf


Raf Simons and Fred Perry are two of the most youth-obsessed names in menswear, so it makes sense that they’d come up with something interesting together. We just didn’t expect it to be so colorful…

This is their second collaboration (for S/S 09) and we have to say, the oranges and blues won us over. It might be the Seu Jorge-ish model, but this line nails the City of God look better than anything we’ve seen. Maybe Brazil is finally making its mark on menswear.

But mind the loose weave if don’t happen to be in a Brazilian climate.

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Color Me Sartorial


The much-feted Sartorialist is starting to develop a running commentary. And it turns out, there’s a lot you haven’t noticed. For instance, color.

Wear Me Palettes is the pet project of a Swiss design student, who spent three months copying, pasting, and matching colors to develop a database of sartorial hues. It’s a worthy study, as many of the outfits (this one, for instance) make themselves through sophisticated and subtle use of color.

As PSFK notes, the most popular colors are blue, white and brown, while gray appears in just less than half of the photos, which is either a fact about current fashion or a sad statement on New York weather.

All the Colors


In the midst of rebranding, The Gap has launched The Sound of Color to help the kids really get to know those colors. Apparently red sounds like electro-pop and green sounds like Swizz Beats, who, fittingly enough, sounds like money.

It can’t help but seem familiar, but this ad (or microsite, if you prefer) takes a different tack than the old Salvation Army color scheme. Instead of trying to help the Gap’s brand—although they’re doing a little of that too—they’re trying to brand the colors. (“Hey, this sweatshirt’s green! I’ve heard about green!”)

It’s an interesting idea, but it’s wrong for a couple reasons»