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Possibly the Most Italian Shoe We’ve Ever Seen

  • Najib Benouar

Tassel loafers and driving shoes have been getting a lot of love this season—each with their own merits—but this best-of-both-worlds hybrid from the Tuscan cobblers at Arfango is a horse of a different color. You’ve got the suede, unstructured slouchy comfort of the driving shoe paired with the formal finish of a tassel loafer. It’s what you’ll want to be wearing the next time you find yourself tagging along for a semiformal soiree on the Amalfi Coast.

As it typically goes with releases of this nature—midseason, by a lesser-known overseas label—finding a pair of these is going to take a little work (or an Italian translator). So aside from hunting down a proxy, your best bet is to wait for them to wash up stateside—we’d suggest keeping an eye on Barneys, who carry Arfango, but have yet to stock this particular model. Happy hunting.

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