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Magdalena Frackowiak Is Going Mantel

  • Kempt Staff

On Paper: Put This On gives the co-eds of today a firm talking-to when it comes to their on-campus attire. [PTO]

In Practice: Ivy Style comes up with a similarly timed pictorial on fall campus style (or rather, post-prep dropout style). Good stuff. [Ivy Style]

Spray-Tan-Gate: BuzzFeed digs deep on the issue of whether or not Romney has been keeping his bronze visage by spray-tanning. You might not like what they find. [BuzzFeed]

Hay Now: A series of pictures of the candidates making speeches near hay. [Daily Intel]

Bérénice Marlohe: Jacket Required

  • Kempt Staff

Robevia GQ UK

Bespoke Flapping: Trying to understand a curious vestige of Italian tailoring known as “the pettegola shirt.” [Permenent Style]

Eyesight: GQ hips us to a cool new menswear commerce site now in beta. [GQ]

Northern Exposure: The Times reports on North Korean street style as a bona fide thing. (We won’t believe them till they send over Bill Cunningham.) [NYT]

Husky Fit: Archival Clothing awards the University of Washington with the “best documented, most stylish and frolicsome campus day” and has the pictures to prove it. [Archival Clothing]

Lucky 44


The rush to the Obama brand continues…and it’s not all modernist Swedes.

Hennessy is producing a limited-edition cognac called “44” in honor of today’s inauguration, with a percentage of the proceeds going to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. It only runs $30, but when you consider that the “limited-edition” includes 180,000 bottles…that’s a lot of education.

We can’t blame them for wanting to get in on the magic, but how historic can the bottle be when you’ll probably finish it before Jan 21 rolls around?