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Neckwear for Flashers


We’re not thrilled about graphic ties to begin with, but when you swap out the usual polo horse for a gentleman flasher, as in this Colette x Band of Outsiders collab, you may be in trouble. There's a fine line between showing cheek and manufacturing novelty ties, and this one's right on the fence.

In other words, it's a handsome specimen—but we’re pretty sure he’s not wearing a tie under there.

Get Loud


So far, iPhone cases tended towards the organic. We’d wager that most of the sleeves you’ve actually seen in use are either leather, woodgrain or some variation on matte black.

Which means the world of the iPhone case is ripe for a little new wave jolt.

This jagged black-and-white shell comes from Gareth Pugh, with a little help from Colette and AnOther magazine and a laptop case in tow. It manages to avoid both the usual organic patterns and the friendly-alien aesthetic you find at your friendly neighborhood Apple store, in favor of something that might be more at home on an album cover.

Let’s just hope your mp3 collection can keep up.

Two Wheels


You don’t hear much about biker culture as an influence on modern day designers, partly because the references are hard to name. John Varvatos usually gets a few references to The Wild One, but that’s like tracking British suiting back to James Bond. The look had to come from somewhere…

Rin Tanaka’s Harley-Davidson Book of Fashions gives a pretty good explanation of where. Covering the 1910-1950, Tanaka tracks the evolution of the bike from a useful novelty to a badge of outsider status, along with 40 years worth of bike helmets, any one of which would be enough to get a fledgling designer noticed.

With gas prices showing no signs of slowing, we may be on the cusp of a scooter renaissance, so the book couldn’t have come at a better time. It may not have our favorite biker jacket, but it’s got more inspiration than anything we’ve seen on the racks lately.