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What Your Fall Drink Says About You


The leaves, they are a-changing. The days are getting shorter. And there’s getting to be quite the chill in the air.

Fall has (finally) descended in full force, and that means it’s time to ditch those refreshing summer cocktails for drinks that do a better job of warming your bones after a long day of raking leaves. Something maple-y, perhaps? But be warned: your choice of autumnal elixir is sure to make a pretty intense assertion about you, so it’s crucial to decide beforehand what you want it saying. And since we’re always here to help, we went ahead and took their statements to make that choice a little easier for you.

What your fall cocktail says about you, after the jump...»

Bartending Icon: Harry Craddock

  • Kevin Gray

Harry Craddock

Bartenders. The good ones are impossibly dexterous, effortlessly cool, elegantly nonchalant. And we appreciate that. So we’re honoring the best of the bunch. Next up: Harry Craddock.

Name: Harry Lawson Craddock DOB: 1875 Place of birth: Stroud, England Trade: Bartender Years active: 1897–1947 Locations of employ: Chicago, New York, London Notable employers: The Hoffman House (NYC), The Knickerbocker Hotel (NYC), The Holland House (NYC), The Savoy Hotel (London), The Dorchester Hotel (London) Cocktails invented: 250, give or take Books written: 1 Wax statues at Madame Tussauds: 1

After the jump: 10 highlights from the life of the man who served the last legal pre-Prohibition cocktail in America...»

What Your Summer Drink Says About You

  • Kempt Staff


The sun is out. The air is hot. And you’re going to need a drink.

But before you start ordering or mixing up cold, refreshing adult beverages at will, you’ll want to choose wisely. Because with the vast number of blended, lime-y, tiny-umbrella-wielding options before you, what you ultimately end up sipping on is making a statement. And since we’re here to help, we’ve gone ahead and laid out a handy road map for you:

What your summer drink says about you...»

Bartending Icons: Jerry Thomas

  • Kevin Gray

Jerry Thomas

Bartenders. The good ones are impossibly dexterous, effortlessly cool, elegantly nonchalant. And we appreciate that. So we thought it time to honor the best of the bunch. Up first: Jerry Thomas.

Known as the Father of American Mixology, Jer was a master behind the bar. As a teenager in the late 1840s, he cut his teeth in New York before heading west to tend bar during the California gold rush. He kept traveling, slinging drinks in Chicago, St. Louis, Charleston and New Orleans before settling back in New York, where he manned the bar at the Metropolitan Hotel. (Don’t go looking for it—the opulent structure once stood at the corner of Broadway and Prince, but was demolished in 1895.)

All the while, he was changing forever the way we drink...»

Sammy Sosa, the Detroit Auto Show and a Wintry Cocktail

  • Kempt Staff

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Constance Jablonski Is a Nosy Neighbor

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Amber Heard Is Expecting Afternoon Showers

  • Kempt Staff

Amber Heardvia GQ UK

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Edita Vilkeviciute Can’t Stand Water in Her Ears

  • Kempt Staff

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Sophie Vlaming Is a Hippie Tree-Spooner

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