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Style Arc: André 3000

  • Najib Benouar


André 3000. André Benjamin. Possum Jenkins.

The man has gone by many names and worn many hats over the years (both figuratively and literally). And now that he’s reuniting with his better rap half to kick off Outkast’s long-awaited reunion tour this weekend at Coachella, we though it prudent to take an analytical eye to the man who has served as the group’s stylistic compass over the past 20 years (yes, really), six albums and countless suspenders.

We map the spectacularly singular style arc of the one and only André 3000.»

Gentlemanly Gardening, Surviving Coachella and Fleetwood Chat

  • Kempt Staff


Green Thumb: Everything you need to know about tending your garden—or planting your first—according to Men’s Journal.

Flying Coach: If our guide to staying cool at Coachella wasn’t enough, Four Pins has some advice on not being a “dickbag” at the show.

Return of the Mac: Details chats up Mick Fleetwood on their latest tour and what the sexiest Fleetwood Mac song might be. Hug It Out: A robotics school has developed a toggle coat that can mimic the sensation of being hugged by a significant other. That’s totally why menswear was created.

Staying Cool at Coachella

  • Najib Benouar


Nothing brings out a gentleman’s most pragmatic sense of personal style more than facing the hot, hot heat.

And with Coachella kicking off its two-weekend run of concerts in the sweltering California desert tomorrow, there’s no better place to witness this firsthand—especially onstage, where true wills of sartorial resolve are tested.

Which is why there are some valuable lessons to be learned from those who manage to maintain a rakish poise even when performing high-kicks in the unforgiving desert sun. (Hint: sometimes you’ve got to embrace the sweatiness.) So we present to you...

The rock star’s guide to stylishly dealing with extreme heat.»

Welcome to the Thunderdome, Abbey Lee Kershaw

  • Najib Benouar

Madder Than Mel: The Mad Max franchise reboot is finally back on track with Tom Hardy as Max and at least one supermodel in a cage. [IndieWire]

In Theater: Add this to our ongoing praise of the aesthetic glory of the bookshelf. A spectacular historic theater that’s been converted into a book shop in Argentina. [Design Taxi]

Professional Hippies: The definitive roundup of the free-spirit celebs who descended upon Coachella. [The Cut]

You Read It for the Bikes: Here’s a slideshow of really attractive road bikes... being ridden by an even more attractive model. [Sharp]

Mie Hama Would Like You to Row

Mie Hamavia WBE

Life After Death: Nitsuh Abebe muses on Coachella’s holographic Tupac, an impending tour and the true appeal of live music. [Vulture]

Half in the Bag: Wendell Brown’s summer bag spectrum has plenty of great stuff, although there’s a troublingly high tote-to-briefcase ratio. [Esquire]

Button by Button: An online tour of a J. Hilburn shirt. We’ll say this, it looks great up close. [Cool Hunting]

Cyclone of Words: The strange world of Wikipedia books, including such modern classics as Facts About Airport Safety and Celebrities with Big Dicks. [Gawker]

Daria Werbowy Does Not Care About That End Table


Violence Against Furniture: Honestly, we’re a little shocked. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Best Volcano Ever: The Boston Globe rounds up some of the most amazing volcano pics we’ve ever seen. Iceland is basically one big heavy metal album cover right now. [Big Picture]

Fresh: Sly Stone makes a Coachella audience wait three and a half hours, then taunts them incoherently. Still a baller, it would appear. [New Yorker]

Next Year’s Model: The new iPhone leaks ahead of schedule. Many tech bloggers died to bring you this information. [Gizmodo]

Kempt Man of the Hour: Coachella Edition


The three-day paloozathonfest known as Coachella wound to a close yesterday, and we thought we’d take sartorial stock of the proceedings. There was quite a bit to like—including the hickory-striped blazer donned by Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox—but our favorite ensemble of the weekend belonged to polymath bassist Les Claypool.

Anyone rocking a three piece suit, bowtie and bowler on stage is as near to fearless as we’re likely to get, especially when the kids he’s opening for are adhering to a fairly strict jeans-and-tees regimen. Sure, it comes off a little costume-y, but if you’re building a persona, that’s not such a bad thing.

Maybe all that time with Tom Waits is finally paying off.