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Two Faced

Double Tie

You’re probably familiar with contrast-patterned tie, encouraging you to leave the smaller end of your tie rakishly untethered. It’s a good idea, playing up the offbeat nature of the tie, and adding some chaotic colors to otherwise standard blazers.

And we may have found the perfect tie for it.

The Fine and Dandy Shop just unveiled these double-blade ties with an interesting twist: the back half is just as wide as the front. That means once you tie it up, you’re effectively wearing two ties at once.

The patterns aren’t too adventurous—a club tie and a blue graphic print—but they’re different enough to make a dissonant spark when the bottom half peeks out from under the top one. If you’re going to try it, we recommend sticking to neutral tones in the rest of your ensemble, like the gentleman here.

Also, courage.