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Update Your Clocks for Daylight Savings

  • Kempt Staff


A friendly reminder: you need to update all of your clocks.

Also, you’ll need to set them back one hour, at 2am on Sunday. But what we’re talking about is actually updating your current means of telling time by replacing that old wall clock or desk clock—or, in some cases, getting your first proper wall clock or desk clock—with something respectable-looking. Fortunately, we’ve gone ahead and taken the liberty of finding you some suitable updates.

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Change Your Clock This Weekend, Literally

  • Najib Benouar

You really ought to change your clock this weekend.

Seriously, that thing you’ve had hanging on your wall for years is in need of an upgrade. So we took the liberty of scouring the market for the finest specimens of wall-mounted clocks that should help you pass the time more handsomely.

(Oh, and a friendly PSA: 2am on Sunday, November 4, marks the end of daylight saving time—which means you’ll have to set your clocks back to 1am. Use your extra hour wisely.)

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Sweep the Hand

  • Najib Benouar

via Hodinkee

Regrettably, we’ve been noticing less and less wall clocks these days—now that everything from ovens to computers has digital readouts—but there’s something deeply reassuring about being able to look up at any moment and measure your day to the exact second. Here to bring back that feeling: this sleek replica of a standard-issue 1960s IBM clock from the retronauts at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.—who’ve done one better by replacing the need to plug it in (the raised outlet might be nearer to extinction than the wall clock itself) with one C battery and a wall mount that’ll hang anywhere you like.

Just above the chalkboard should do.

Masha Novoselova is an Action Painter


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Let Them Know What Time it Is: Our new favorite wall clock, laser-cut from birch by the folks at Kitsune Noir. [Cool Hunting]

Raising the Bar


Clocks have been stuck in the same design rut for a while now, so we’re glad to see someone try out the “towel bar” look. This acrylic creation may not give you the instant recognition of a two-handed version, but it should be worth it for the oddball factor alone.

In the Swing


Now that we've got digital displays everywhere we look, the old mantle of clock is going to have to go a few steps beyond analog if it's going to stay relevant. In other words, the pendulum is ripe for a resurgence.

Yasuki Takamori's 269 Clock is a pretty good example of what it looks like when it's done right. The walnut plywood keeps things minimal and organic, but the real highlight is the pendulum swinging behind the bottom window. It's amazing what a little movement does to put you in tune with the daily passage of time—especially when it's not on a digital display.

Oaky Undertones


We love glass and chrome, but now it’s spring, and time for something a little warmer.

These wooden clocks from Neiman Marcus caught our eye for their antique, tropical flavor. Setting off the chestnut finish with brass, the overall effect is decidedly low-tech—which may be just right for a wall clock. It looks as if it could be fashioned by hand, which has an appeal all its own. The only drawback is that the more handy design-heads may decide they’d like to try.

DIYers aside, the low-tech look may be growing into its own as a style. With flatscreen TVs, stainless steel kitchens and synthetic tile becoming increasingly common as unintentional design statements, we may need something to balance things out.

Neiman Marcus [via Best Bets]