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Somewhere, Claudia Schiffer Is Celebrating

  • Najib Benouar

Claudia Schiffervia GQ

Guess Who: British GQ reminds us that 20 years ago today, the world was introduced to Ms. Schiffer. Here’s the slideshow. [GQ]

’Sucker Without Stripes: Valet rounds up a handsome selection of seersucker blazers that go beyond the puckered stripe. [Valet]

Spotted: Mark Zuckerberg in a suit. With all the hullabaloo over his hooded-ness on Wall Street last week, everyone was surprised to see him looking passably well-dressed at his impromptu wedding this Saturday. (We’ll assume he hollered, “We want prenup.”) [Fashionista]

Being David Lynch: Selectism uses the iconic coif as a case study in a new series on grooming. You’ll want to have a beer handy. [Selectism]

Claudia Schiffer Defies Your Indoor Smoking Ban


Second Hand: She better hope Bloomberg doesn’t find out about this. [Fashion Gone Rogue]

Goody Two Shoes: A charitable gift guide, for any leftover bag money you have lying around. [TBD]

Thugs and Backpackers: Harris Tweed goes in for a streetwear collab. We’re just not sure how to feel about this one. [Hypebeast]

The Who Sell Out: David Lynch tries his hand at directing ads for Christian Dior. We guess this means they’ve forgotten about this. [Telegraph]

Claudia, Klonopin, and Hov’s Dream Deferred


Indomitable: These Dom Perignon ads make us forgive Karl Lagerfeld for basically everything. [NotCot]

The Blueprint: Jay-Z’s hotelier ambitions are quashed by the economic downturn. We’re hoping this means the next album gets a Robert Rubin diss track. [Luxist]

Type Slowly: Is the fashion industry moving in slower cycles? Maybe it’s just the klonopin. [PSFK]

Out in the Streets: Counting down the 21 best-looking people in New York. [Racked]

Sign of the Times


Usually people are a bit cannier about Marie Antionette comparisons—especially when the peasants are as restless as they are now—but Karl Lagerfeld has never been one to restrain himself.

Based on the story that the classic champagne coupe was modeled off Marie Antionette’s breast, good old Karl has brought the coupe into the modern day with another impeccable glass, only this time it's modeled off of Claudia Schiffer’s bosom and suspended by three bottles of Dom Perignon. If you needed somewhere to point your pitchforks…

Across the Tie, Out of the Bar and Against the Law


Frau Claudia Schiffer Topless in German Vogue: Ja vol! [Egotastic]

Part-time Model Rips Off Boss Marc Jacobs: Good thing the cops got him, because Jacobs will fucking cut you. [Gawker]

Huffpo's Von Pfetten Doesn't Go For Pretty Boys: Seriously, girl, why haven't you called us yet? ]HuffPo]

Clip On Ties: Thom Browne's rules of the tie bar. [WSJ.]

Tips for Tall Guys: Jalen Rose and Allan Houston share their 6' and over secrets. [AskMen]

Jugs off the Menu: Williamsburg's Radegast shelves their traditional-Czech-cleavage-revealing outfits due to the wandering hands of drunk patrons. Way to ruin it for the rest of us. [Gothamist]