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John + Liz, Sabbatini's Skull and More

Vans for Spring

President Bartlett: Claiborne's men's line has a new designer. [CNN Money]

Plastic Fantastic: For the cost of a decent steak, Britons can pick up a full polyester suit. We'll have the steak, thanks. [Metro UK]

Bogey: With a skull on his belt, Rory Sabbatini joins the rare club headed by Greg Norman. [Magnificent Bastard]

Color Theory: A rainbow of Vans for Spring. [Kitsune Noir]

Cold Feet: Boots to keep your toes from freezing. [The Moment]

Class War: Wealthy guys who date celebrities. [Ledger Pop Journal]

Cold Fronts


Apropos of this weekend's light dusting, we've been hearing quite a lot about the influence of the weather on the higher-end lines lately. A few weeks back, Weatherproof backed up its moniker by taking out a policy on Mother Nature and, just this Sunday, the Times followed the trend from Claiborne to Target.

Pushing back the industry speak and the meteorological bet-hedging, what does all this mean for the Kempt man? Not all that much really, as you already know that layering, an alpaca driver's coat and a scarf are closet must haves. Afterall, as the Times notes only a few gray pages away from its exploration of retail and snow, even Blake Lively is impressed by how Gothamites brave whatever AccuWeather can dish out.